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How do you get a younger audience excited and engaged with the Canadian Football League? Get online, get social and let the fans run the show in real-time. We stepped away from the oneway conversation from the network talking heads and leaned towards a more organic, casual and funny environment where the conversation was two ways (if not more) and friendly banter was encouraged.

Creative Director

Ideation, Script, Casting, Motion Graphics, UX, Set Design, Live Action Shoot, Edit, VFX and Color

I led a team, where in 5 weeks we created The CFL Fan Zone, a live online pre-game show pilot and web portal where casual and uber fans would be able to participate, influence and actually be a part of the show. We leveraged CFL commentators, influencers and fans to talk, via Google Hangout, about their favorite teams, players and the upcoming games. Viewers could vote up these commentators to get their favorites to actually banter with the hosts, live. A Twitter feed was constant throughout the show - the hosts would ask questions to the viewers and they would answer and ask questions back, creating a true dialog. We also came up with dozens of mini segments that were humorous and engaged the audience, like Instagram contests, tailgating interviews and head to head fan competitions. We also set the tone for the voice and look of the show and even created a motion graphics intro that highlighted the fans and the team they love.