Tom Westerlin is a visual storyteller. He leads creative teams toward designing, animating and developing notable campaigns for products, services and communications. He has proven record of success in live-action and animated commercials, web experiences and top-selling game titles. Tom enjoys cross-functional collaboration and exploring intersection of storytelling, design and technology for global brands.


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Huge Inc., Brooklyn, NY (January 2015 – Present)
Creative Director    


Bonfire Labs, San Francisco, CA (August 2013 – December 2014)
Creative Director    

  • Directed live action shoots, defining story, talent, camera angles, sets and editorial for Google and Calibra 
  • Led creative and strategy teams in pitches to introduce and increase lines of revenue
  • Oversaw creative development from ideation to script to production and finishing for clients including Evernote, Meyer Sound, Reel Summit and Anki
  • Conceptualized and led a team of designers, animators and developer for a integrated campaign including a parallax micro site, animated video and billboards for App Dynamics
  • Designed and directed an animated TV commercial using 2d and 3d techniques for Ancestry
  • Works closely with clients to insure creative projects adhere to business goals as well as keeping friendly working relations leading to repeat business
  • Manages a team of six artist focusing on team building as well as individual performance and growth

Tom Westerlin, Brooklyn, NY (July 2012 – August 2013)    
Creative, Animation and Technical Director

  • Directed and designed motion graphics, created VFX and animated a number videos using 2d and 3d techniques for Money Mutual, Pogo, OurTime and BarNone
  • Designed and directed the visuals and user experience for a weather mobile application


Teak Digital, San Francisco, CA (June 2011 – July 2012)
Creative Director – Animation/VFX

  • Led the creative as well as client relationship for multiple accounts
  • Directed 5 TV commercials for Capella University as well as over 20 unique animated web banners 
  • Oversaw live action video shoots from a post supervisor role, directed actors and VO talent, critiqued video and music editors and directed designers and animators for a number of clients including Google, YouTube, JanSport, Rdio and California Milk
  • Managed a team of on-staff and freelance animators focusing on team building as well as individual performance and growth

Tom Westerlin, San Francisco, CA (April 2011 – June 2011)    
Creative, Animation and Technical Director

  • Directed an animated video that introduced the news aggregator Ongo, creating original characters, storyboarding, animating and directing voice over talent while working directly with the marketing team to insure message and brand
  • Designed motion graphics, edited, storyboarded and animated a number videos using 2d and 3d techniques for Google, Sage, Slimware and Crocs


Mekanism, San Francisco, CA (August 2008 – April 2011) 
Animation Director and Creative Studio Manager

  • Directed animations and led the digital, 30+ member team to create over 20 TV commercials
  •  for Charles Schwab
  • Conceptualized and led a design team to create the official International Olympic 
  • Committee’s “Best of Us Challenge” web campaign, receiving over 1.5M hits and thousands of UGC videos, built in Flash using Papervision3D technology (FWA award)
  • Directed a multi-disciplinary team, including compositors, 3D modelers, texturers    and animators to create an Augmented Reality online experience for Doritos
  • Implemented various VFX shots within live-action viral campaigns to enhance
  • story-telling for clients including Stride Gum and Nickelodeon
  • Strategically determine the best teams for new business/pitches; identify scope and set schedules for all digital studio projects
  • Manage and mentor the digital studio comprising of 6 full-time and up to 35 freelance 2D, 3D and stop-motion animators, interactive designers and front-end developers
  • Spearheaded the studio infrastructure to maximize efficiency by streamlining 
  • workflows, creating documentation and implementing an in-house renderfarm


Tom Westerlin, New York, NY and San Francisco, CA (July 2006 – August 2008) 
Animation Director, Animator and Technical Director

  • Directed the animation and led the 6-member team of 2D Flash animators to create 3, 2+ minute, webisodes for Kajeet; participated in the directing of the voice actors
  • Led the team of 3D animators and a technical director for Sega’s Golden Axe; directed live-action stunt-persons in various actions and fighting sequences for animation reference 
  • Animated various 2D and 3D characters for Microsoft Zune, BP, DoubleClick and Nike+
  • Performed technical creative tasks, including animation, modeling, rigging, lighting and match-moving for HBO, Nick at Nite, Sprint and Microsoft Vista
  • Directed motion capture actors, edited mo-cap data and hand animated animatics and pre-viz for clients including Hormel, Viagra and Halls


Electronic Arts, Redwood City, CA (January 2005 – July 2006)
Animation Director and Character Animator

  • Directed the animation and led the 5-member team that created the intro video for the console version of The Sims Pets
  • Animated the lip-sync and facial expressions for several cinematics, and animated full-body animations for the console version of James Bond - From Russia with Love
  • Hand-keyed and cleaned-up motion capture for 50+ in-game motions for the console version of The Godfather
  • Championed the effort to update the studio-wide rig by gathering data, feedback and feature requests from the 15+ animation team

TKO Software, Santa Cruz, CA (May 2004 – January 2005)        
Art Director and Character Animator

  • Managed a 17-member team, including 3D artists, concept artists and animators to create a 25-page style guide and 3D demo for Baldurs Gate III
  • Animated 100+ realistic motions, working closely with lead engineers to solve
  • animated-related issues for the PC version of Medal of Honor, Pacific Assault


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