What would you do with the 10,000 plus phone-booths in NYC?

How about we turn them into the modern day town criers. Need directions? Wifi? Make a phone call? Contact the police or 311? Local advertisement? Post notifications? This touch screen kiosk would do it all with personality.

A contest would be held for the residents closest to the booths, where the winner would be used as the visual inspiration and voice of the local kiosk. They would even have their own area, within the interface, where they could recommend their favorite restaurants, suggest a great lookout point or tell a story about the neighborhood. 

An online and mobile application would accompany the system allowing residents to post notifications such as lost cat, free couch or handyman services. Local business could also advertise via digital monitors and city notifications, such as, the subway is down or it's a spare the air day could be posted.

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